Powder Boxes

Dressing Table (2/2)

  • Part set Chinese powder pot and clothes brush (unused). Very pretty.
  • Perfume Dusting Powder Bowl, Jewellery or Trinket Box Vintage and Made in Australia
  • Vintage Bakelite powder box
  • Vintage Plastic Art Deco Dusting Powder Box
  • Vintage 1930's Bakelite Lucite Powder Pot, Green, Art Deco, Travel Pot, Plastic, Prop, Floral Design
  • Antique Ebony Lidded Pot Victorian Edwardian Dressing Table Dresser Black Wood Treen Edwardian
  • Vintage Avon Powder Jar Milk Glass Country Garden Powder Sachet
  • Estee Lauder Frosted Glass Powder Jar with Gold Colour Repousse Style Lid Re-Nutriv Empty Jar
  • Vintage Art Deco 'Crinoline Lady' Powder, Trinket Box Pale Green on White Glass, Foil Lid, Courting Couple in Garden